Recent µSR Lineshape Results

Abrikosov Lineshape due to a Triangular SC Vortex Lattice

FFT spectra in YBCO above and below Tc

Gaussian fits to (NbSe2?) Lineshape in time and frequency

FFT Lineshapes vs. T and H in NbSe2

Subtleties of Lineshape Analysis: Modified London vs. GL model

H-dep of Penetration Depth and Vortex Core Radius in NbSe2

µSR Lineshapes in YBCO(6.95), YBCO(6.60) and NbSe2

FFT Lineshapes in YBCO(6.95): T-dep and H-dep

Magnetic Field Dependence of Lambda, Xi and Kappa in YBCO(6.60)

Temperature Dependence of Vortex Core Radius in YBCO(6.60)

Temperature Dependence of Penetration Depth in YBCO(6.60)

H-dep of Kappa and Coherence Length in YBCO(6.95)


Vortex Lattice Melting(?) in YBCO(6.60)


Zhang's SO(5) Superspin theory of HTSC: AF Vortex Cores?


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