History of µSR Lineshape Measurements

History of Lineshape Analysis in HTSC

Non-Superconducting Lineshapes

  • Lineshapes in RE-BCO(7) above Tc: Er, Ho
  • Powder Lineshape in Ho-123 at 100K, 2779G
  • Muon Knight Shift and Lineshape in Ho-123

    µSR in Superconductors Before 1986

  • Properties of Superconductors: Flux Penetration
  • First µSR in Type II Superconductor: Pb(0.9)In(0.1) Asy
  • First µSR in Type II Superconductor: Pb(0.9)In(0.1) FFT
  • µSR Lineshapes in Nb [ca. 1986]

    First µSR in HTSC: 1987

  • Events of 1987: HTSC and µSR at UBC/TRIUMF
  • Electron Microscope pictures of Cava's LSCO sample, Jan 87
  • TF-µ+SR in Cava's LSCO: A(t) [Jan 87]
  • TF-µ+SR in Cava's LSCO: Sigma(T,H) [Jan 87]
  • FFTs of YBCO(6.95) near Tc

    Understanding the Abrikosov Lineshape

  • Lineshape in Ideal Triangular Vortex Lattice
  • Gorkov Theory of Vortex Lattice Lineshapes
  • Penetration Depth Dependence of Gorkov Lineshape
  • Coherence Length Dependence of Gorkov Lineshape
  • Disorder Dependence of Gorkov Lineshape

    Powder Averages

  • Powder-Average Anisotropy Effect on Abrikosov Lineshape
  • Lineshape in Powder Sample of Anisotropic YBCO(7)

    The True Lineshape Begins to Show Itself

  • First Lineshapes in Oriented YBCO(7) Powder Samples
  • High-Field Lineshapes in YBCO(6.95) [TMR '91]
  • High-Field Lineshapes in YBCO(6.95) at 70K [TMR '91]
  • High-Field Lineshapes in YBCO(6.95) at 50K [TMR '91]
  • High-Field (41 kG) Lineshapes in YBCO(6.95) [TMR '91]

    Removing the Background

  • Low-Background Apparatus Used for Lineshape Measurements
  • Lineshapes for Very Small YBCO(6.95) Crystals [ca. 1992]

    State of the Art, early 1990's

  • Lineshapes vs. Temperature in YBCO(6.95) at 15 kG [ca. 1992]
  • Lineshapes vs. Temperature in YBCO(6.95) at 5 and 15 kG [ca. 1992]
  • Lineshapes vs. Temperature in YBCO(6.95) at 5 and 15 kG [ca. 1992]
  • µSR Lineshapes in YBCO(6.60) at 15kG and 7.5kG, various T
  • µSR Lineshapes in TBCO(6.60) at 15kG and 1kG, various T

    Pinning and Depinning

  • Depinning of Vortices in YBCO(6.60) at 15kG
  • "Leakage" of Trapped Flux in YBCO(6.95)
  • Depinning of Vortex Lattice in YBCO(6.6)
  • Depinning of Vortex Lattice in YBCO(6.6) - A, freq, Rlx

    The Problem(s) with Fourier Transforms

  • Imag., Real and Abs. Amplitudes in FFT
  • Effect of Imperfect Phase Correction on FFT Lineshape
  • Effect of Apodization on FFT Spectrum
  • Apodization of Time spectra with a Bad Bin
  • Effect of faulty Background subtraction on FFT
  • Effect of Alpha/Beta distortions on FFT Spectrum
  • Effect of Counter Misalignment on FFT Spectrum
  • Anisotropic Vortex Lattice in Tilted Field

    Model Lineshape Fits in the Time Domain

  • Gaussian fits to (NbSe2?) Lineshape in time and frequency
  • Composite Lineshape Model for Empirical Fits in Time Domain
  • FFT Model Fits of YBCO(6.95) at 5kG: Tail, Cusp, Bkgd widths vs. T
  • A(t) fit to Model LSH G(t) for YBCO(6.95) at 8K

    Another Material: "PSYCCO"

  • PlotData Tiling of Reedyk PSYCCO Lineshapes
  • Lineshape vs. T in Reedyk PSYCCO xtls at 7.28kG

    Best of 1997

  • FFT spectra in YBCO above and below Tc
  • µSR Lineshapes in YBCO(6.95), YBCO(6.60) and NbSe2 at 5kG, low T
  • FFT Lineshapes vs. T and H in NbSe2
  • Subtleties of Lineshape Analysis: Modified London vs. GL model
  • FFT Lineshapes in YBCO(6.95): T-dep and H-dep

    First Belle Spectra [1997]

  • Field-Shifted YBCO(6.95) Lineshapes in Belle
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